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Title -  Saturn V Third Stage LM Adapter, Apollo 7


Description -  Attached to the Saturn IV-B stage, the Lunar Module Adapter's four panels are retracted to the fully open position.  This is where the Lunar Module (LM) is stored during launch.  On missions requiring the use of a LM, the four panels would be retracted and jettisoned before rendezvous and docking.  This photo was taken during the Apollo 7 mission, when no Lunar Module was carried. The SIV-B stage flew as the second stage on a Saturn IB rocket.  It is also used as the third stage on the Saturn V.  The Apollo 7 mission was designed to test the Apollo Command and Service Module spacecraft systems specifically.  Apollo 9 was the first mission to fly the Lunar Module.


Description Source -  NASA


Year -  10/11/1968

Saturn V Rocket Third Stage LM Adapter of Apollo 7

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