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Pure History


Some people take their history straight, and we certainly appreciate that.  That's why we offer thousands of historic photographs that haven't been altered or computerized in any way.  So kick back, get comfy and select an era below to enjoy your history the old fashioned way, pure and simple.

Click on Benjamin Franklin to view images from the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and much more.
Click on George Washington to view U.S. presidents, First Ladies, world leaders and trailblazers.
Click on Sitting Bull to view images
of the men, women and children of America's earliest inhabitants.
Click on the Federal encampment outside Atlanta for thousands of Civil War and related images.
Click on the entrenched British soldier to view images from the first "Great War".
Click on the beaches of Iwo Jima to view over 300 images from "The War to End all Wars".
Click on the 38th parallel to view almost 100 images of the conflict that some say persists to this day.
Click on Buzz Aldrin to view images of the Universe, outer space and NASA's Space Programs.
Click on Marilyn Monroe to view over 200 images of celebrities, scientists, inventors, sports heros and more.
Click on the Wright's first flight at Kitty Hawk to view iconic images from America's past and around the world.
Click on the RMS TITANIC to view images of ships, airplanes, military vehicles and much more.
Click on Albert Einstein for portraits of great figures from history that include their most quotable quotes.
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