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Title -  Gemini VI Spacecraft


Description -  This picture of the Gemini VI spacecraft was taken through the hatch window of the Gemini VII spacecraft during rendezvous and station keeping maneuvers at an altitude of 160 miles above the Earth. With these missions, NASA successfully completed the first rendezvous of two human spacecraft. This photograph, taken by Gemini VII crewmembers Jim Lovell and Frank Borman, shows Gemini VI in orbit 160 miles above Earth. The main purpose of Gemini VI, crewed by astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford, was the rendezvous with Gemini VII. The main purpose of Gemini VII, on the other hand, was studying the long-term effects of long-duration (up to 14 days) space flight on a two-man crew. The pair also carried out 20 experiments, including medical tests. Although the principal objectives of both missions differed, they were both carried out so that NASA could master the technical challenges of getting into and working in space.


Description Source -  NASA


Year -  December 15, 1965

Gemini VI Spacecraft as seen in Space from Gemini VII

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