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Title -  Early Delta Launch, "Workhorse of Space"


Description -  Delta launch. The Delta launch vehicle family started development in 1959. The Delta was composed of parts from the Thor, an intermediate-range ballistic missile, as its first stage, and the Vanguard as its second.  The first Delta was launched from Cape Canaveral on May 13, 1960 and was powerful enough to deliver a 100-pound spacecraft into geostationary transfer orbit.  Delta has been used to launch civil, commercial, and military satellites into orbit.  Kevin Forsyth remarks that "Delta is one of the most enduring members of the original family of US space launch vehicles and has long been known as 'the workhorse of space.'"


Description Source -  NASA


Year -  1959

Early Delta Launch Vehicle at Liftoff, "Workhorse of Space" 1959

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