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Title -  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit


Description -  Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (May 24, 1686 - September 16, 1736), Dutch-German-Polish physicist, inventor, and scientific instrument maker. Fahrenheit was born in Danzig/Gdańsk, a predominantly German-speaking Hanseatic city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, but lived most of his life in the Dutch Republic (1701–1736) and was one of the notable figures in the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology.


A pioneer of exact thermometry, he helped lay the foundations for the era of precision thermometry by inventing the mercury-in-glass thermometer (first practical, accurate thermometer) and Fahrenheit scale (first standardized temperature scale to be widely used).  Fahrenheit's inventions ushered in the first revolution in the history of thermometry.  From the early 1710s until the beginnings of the electronic era, mercury-in-glass thermometers were among the most reliable and accurate thermometers ever invented.


Description Source -  Wikipedia


Year -  Unknown

Daniel Fahrenheit, Dutch-German-Polish Physicist and Inventor

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