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DESCRIPTION:  Map of Virginia and neighboring states showing the location of battles in the Civil War 1861-1865.  Map of eastern Virginia and parts of North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, showing "battles in which New York regiments were engaged," "railroads at time of war," and "turnpikes and plank roads." Union states are colored yellow, and Confederate states are green.


**Crop may be different than pictured depending on size selected

**Dimensions are approximate


Map of Virginia Showing Location of Battles in the Civil War, 1912

SKU: PTR-0144
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  • Gloss finish
    Coated for water-resistance
    Acid free to prevent yellowing
    Crop may be different than pictured depending on size selected
    Dimensions are approximate

  • The quality of historic images are subject to the capabilities of the original photographer, the wearing of time and the limitations of period technology.  As history affords no retakes, we appreciate what has been left to us.  Please note that we do not computer enhance or alter the original image in any way, as we feel its eccentricities contribute to its historic character.  Thank you for taking this into consideration before making your purchase.

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