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Exhumation of president Abraham Lincoln's body in 1901.  Workmen using crane to remove slabs covering Abraham Lincoln's grave.  After attempts were made to steal Lincoln's corpse, Lincoln's coffin was encased in concrete surrounded by a cage and buried beneath a rock slab.  On September 26, 1901, Lincoln's body was exhumed to be re-interred in the newly built crypt. However, those present feared his body had been stolen in the intervening years.  They decided to open the coffin; Lincoln's body was almost perfectly preserved.  It had been embalmed so many times following his death that his body had not decayed.  In fact, he was perfectly recognizable, even more than thirty years after his death.  On his chest, they could see red, white, and blue specks remnants of the American flag with which he was buried, which had by then disintegrated.

Description Source - Library of Congress

Year - September 26, 1901

Exhumation of Abraham Lincoln's Body, 1901

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