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Michael O'Laughlin, a conspirator to the failed Lincoln kidnapping attempt. 

In 1864 John Wilkes Booth devised a scheme to kidnap Abraham Lincoln in Washington. Booth persuaded O'Laughlin to join the plot, which Booth wanted to carry out on 17th March, 1865 when Lincoln was planning to attend a play at the Seventh Street Hospital that was situated on the outskirts of Washington. The kidnap attempt was abandoned when Lincoln canceled his plans.

When Lincoln was assassinated, O'Laughlin was living in Baltimore. On 17th April, 1865 O'Laughlin gave himself up to the police and confessed to his role in the previous plan but denied involvement in the murder of the president. O'Laughlin was found guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1867 he died of yellow fever while serving his sentence at Fort Jefferson.

Description Source - Library of Congress (for identity)

Year - 1865

Lincoln Conspirator Michael O'Laughlin

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