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Title -  King George III in Coronation Robes


Description -  George III (June 4, 1738 - January 29, 1820), King of Great Britain and Ireland from October 25, 1760 until the union of the two countries on January 1, 1801, after which he was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until his death.  He was concurrently Duke and prince-elector of Brunswick-Lüneburg ("Hanover") in the Holy Roman Empire until his promotion to King of Hanover on October 12, 1814.  He was the third British monarch of the House of Hanover, but unlike his two predecessors he was born in Britain, spoke English as his first language, and never visited Hanover.


Description Source -  Bio from Wikipedia


Year -  c. 1765 by Allan Ramsay

Coronation, King George III of United Kingdom of Great Britain

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