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Title -  Alan Shepard Recovery after Freedom 7


Description -  Astronaut Alan Shepard is hoisted to the recovery helicopter after completing the first manned spaceflight of the United States.  After a brief problem with the spacecraft antenna, the capsule was lifted partly out of the water in order to allow Shepard to leave by the main hatch.  He squeezed out of the door and into a sling hoist, and was pulled into the helicopter, which flew both the astronaut and his spacecraft to a waiting aircraft carrier, USS Lake Champlain

Mercury-Redstone 3, or Freedom 7, was the first United States human spaceflight, piloted by Shepard. It was the first manned flight of Project Mercury, the objective of which was to put an astronaut into orbit around the Earth and return him safely. Shepard's mission was a 15-minute suborbital flight with the primary objective of demonstrating his ability to withstand the high g-forces of launch and atmospheric re-entry.


Description Source -  NASA


Year -  May 5, 1961

Alan Shepard Recovery after Freedom 7, 1st American in Space

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